Digital Innovation Day 2017_

27th of September 2017
Eisbach Studios, Munich

Digital Connectivity

AMA: Xpert Eye

The Xpert Eye solution enables industry and medicine experts to share their knowledge globally per smart glasses with coworkers in other sites in real time.

AMA (Advanced Mobile Applications), provider of a smart video conference solution based on smart glasses for industry and healthcare, presents its innovative smart glasses solution at the Telefónica Innovation Day. As application for smart glasses of different manufacturers, Xpert Eye allows a very distant observer to support the wearer of the glasses with his expertise – no matter where in the world he actually is. Xpert Eye is an ideal solution e.g. for remote maintenances and servicing in the industrial sector, telemedicine as well as eHealth applications or at the training of employees and the education of students. Thus, the hands of the wearer of the glasses stay free for the really important things – the actual work.

For more information on AMA and their Xpert Eye solution please go to

Digital Connectivity

ICAROS – Virtual Reality Workouts

CAROS enables users to fly through virtual worlds and exercise and the same time. ICAROS enriches gaming with mesurable physical training effects. We call it Active VR.

ICAROS is both – a fitness device and a game controller, allowing users to explore a unique simulated virtual world using virtual reality goggles and to control their flight path with nothing but their movements.

ICAROS allows users to fly, drive or dive through virtual reality worlds while training different muscle groups – shoulders, chest, neck, triceps, lateral abdominal muscles, quads and calves – and simultaneously improving their reflexes, balance and concentration through an intense level of muscle stimulation.

The completely wireless ICAROS setup allows an easy installation within minutes and consists of four parts: The ICAROS machine plus Controller, the ICAROS game and a VR headset. Users can choose out of different gaming scenarios – a relaxing free flight, a thrilling race, or the action-packed battle mode.

ICAROS is ready for orders and we deliver it worldwide. We make you fly

Digital Connectivity

RYSTA are specialists for plug and play NBIoT solution. Plug and Play means that you can realize your IoT solution without hardware development. Just plug in the Rysta Sensors and your use case is up and running in a day. It is an end-to-end solution to connect sensors to the Internet.

The Rysta Multisense Device has 7 Sensors integrated (Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Acceleration, Vibration, Noise, Light, Air Quality) and also serves as a smart button. Via the extension port 40 more sensors and actors can be connected, as well as serial data can be read. The device has powerful edge computing capabilities to massively reduce data amounts transferred. It can run online, as well as fully offline.

Rysta also provides one of the world’s first online connect GPS trackers/data loggers that work worldwide and runs on battery for 3 years. Supply chain visibility can easily be enhanced and valueable, sensitive shipment can be tracked live. A ground breaking solution for the supply chain and logistics industry

Rysta technology can be licensed as software or Rysta build complete end-to-end solution. Rysta is also built to be integrated into your wider IT architecture (e.g. IoT platform or SAP).

Digital Connectivity

Smart M2M Platform by Telefónica

With Smart M2M you use a comfortable and effective management system for all of your M2M SIM cards. You get effective tools at your hand to cost-efficiently optimize your business processes. All functions for visualization, controlling and monitoring of SIM cards are neatly concised in an intuitive web interface. Due to its browser-based operating principle, Smart M2M is also easy to implement in your corporate structure.

Services of Smart M2M Platform:

  • management and control of all M2M SIM cards
  • creation of automated reports
  • alarm on cost, consumption or item overrun
  • different user profiles with individual accesses
  • simple implementation via individual application interface

For further information on Smart M2M Platform, please read our brochure.

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Digital Connectivity

IoT Partner Program

You will be personally advised on the IoT partner program by a permanent and very well networked contact person. This ensures you reliable orientation and impulses in the fast growing digital business world and you will be able to make the best use of your resources. With the IoT Partner Platform, its online portal with integrated Smart M2M Platform, you will manage your business even more efficiently. For example, you can comfortably order SIM cards, configurate pricings in real time and globally check the coverage of your SIM cards. All this enables you to design the digitization of your business to your requirements – and yet be able to focus on your core business.

Digital Energy

Develco Products

IoT platform for smart living
End-to-end platform
Develco Products and Geeny provide an IoT framework for businesses within the fields of smart care, Pet care, and Smart fashion. The joint framework combines Develco Products’ white label IoT hardware with Geeny IoT platform to enable solution providers to build, deploy and operate consumer IoT applications.

Toolbox at hand
Geeny provides a toolbox with plug-and-play elements for fast development and scalable deployment. Documentation and tutorials make it easy to get started on great IoT solutions, while the B2C app store gives access to Geeny end-user base. Combined with Develco Products’ ready-to-use hardware, the platform is flexible and easy to build any solution on.

Key features

  • Technology agnostic
  • Real-time data processing
  • Separation between hardware, software and data
  • Connectivity solutions provided by Telefónica

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Digital Mobility


Telefonica launched a Fleet service some years ago to provide a set of benefits in Fleet Management business. Its platform is based on Geotab device, which gathers different kind of information such as information coming from accelerometer (harsh breaking, harsh turning, speed, etc.) also coming from Engine (fuel consumption), GPS related info, car model info, external variables such as weather, etc.

So Geotab provides customers with millions of information, that is millions of data. The problem is that it is not easy, impossible, for fleet customers to use that Big Data. Then is when LUCA Fleet comes.

Digital Solutions

Smart Device Service by Telefónica

With Smart Device Service, Telefónica offers a solution for companies to subsequently integrate devices cost-effectively and safely into existing business infrastructures. Companies benefit in numerous ways: increased operating efficiency due to optimized processes, improved productivity, as well as dynamic marketing control via real time evaluations.

Smart Cooler

Smart Cooler is one example for such a SDS IoT solution. The smart fridge measures as well indoor as outdoor temperature, energy consumption and how often its door gets opened. In the event of faults, there is an error report as well as an automatic notification.

Smart Cooler by Telefónica SDS:

  • tracking and notificaton / tracking movement
  • counts visitors and how often the door has been opened and closed
  • measures temperature and moisture inside and outside
  • error tracking and reports
  • measures energy consumption
  • information on interior lighting
  • remote control
  • plug and play solutions for retrofitting

Digital Technology


Vitastiq strives to produce solutions that contribute to a smart lifestyle. By combining traditional knowledge and modern technology, we created the world’s first personal vitamin tracker. Our idea was entirely based on supporting healthy habits and choices, and we keep building on this concept to introduce even more benefits to our existing and future users.

The Vitastiq pen works with the free Vitastiq app to indicate your general vitamin and mineral trend. The pen is non-invasive and painless.
Vitastiq shows the summary of your vitamin and mineral readings, allowing you to track the general trend of 26 nutrients over the course of time. To add to your fit lifestyle, it also provides information about vitamins and minerals and their natural sources.

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