Digital Innovation Day 2015_

Mittelstand 4.0

Digital Innovation Day 2015 – We Say Thank You.

“Time to take off”, this is the recap of the continuous spirit of last year’s Digital Innovation Day. In addition to the enthusiastic feedback regarding presentations, showcases and the event’s process, the euphoric mood at the Digital Innovation Day could literally be felt.

Eyes set on the digital future: At the Digital Innovation Day, Telefónica established the most important trends and developments from the digital economy. The visitors could enjoy a harmonious mixture of practice, insights and entertainment. The topic of last year’s event was digital business – and value-added models for medium-sized companies – Mittelstand 4.0.

Many medium-sized companies can tell you a thing or two about it: Internet of Things or Industry 4.0 are keywords everyone is talking about, but if you are looking for usable solutions for your own business, you often face insecure silence. Therefore, it is no surprise, that many new technologies are left to the big players and large corporations.

That is wrong. This is the digital moment for medium-sized companies. With the motto Mittelstand 4.0, Telefónica took up a critical topic, which met great interest within the sector. The demand for practical digital solutions is and has been doubtlessly enormous.

INSYS icom has been a reliable technology consultant for industrial data communication and M2M technology since 1992. Their range of products includes professional routers, modems and gateways, an own VPN service, as well as control units for charging stations in electric mobility. The most common use cases can be found in the sector for remote maintenance /-access, IT networking, alerting and monitoring. Apart from a simple configuration and operation, the company attaches great importance to a high standard regarding IT safety.

Software AG assists companies in achieving their business objectives more quickly. With the company’s technology for big data, integration and business process management, companies increase their efficiency, modernize their systems and optimize their processes, to make qualified decisions and provide better service. With their product families Adabas and Natural, ARIS, Terracotta and webMethods, the company is leading in 15 market sectors.

funkschau is the medium for professional communications technology.
Influential decision-makers trust their funkschau, when they inform themselves about new products, solutions and services regarding professional telecommunications and IT. They use the fortnightly published funkschau as intensively as the special publications, the up-to-date web service and the newsletter. To push the topics M2M, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, specially the media brand “ m2mXpert” has been established. The reporting is made in print and online media on

Geotab is a globally leading supplier of top quality telematics technology. Geotab’s innovative and full-featured solutions support businesses of all sizes in vehicle- and fleet management by extracting accurate information, based on real-time and historical trips data, which then can be used to take measures. With more than 650 million data points per day – collected by Geotab devices and provided to the platform – Geotab is a globally leading company in producing workable business intelligence and benchmarking data. These configurable data are accessible in many methods and serve to improve productivity, optimize the fleet by reducing fuel consumption, and improve road safety. Geotab’s products are distributed by a global network of authorized specialist dealers. Learn more about Geotab at

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