Digital Innovation Day 2014_

M2M Solutions for Industry 4.0

More than 100 customers, partners and media representatives attended the Digital Innovation Day 2014 at the Wayra-Akademie, to find out about Telefónica’s M2M offers. The automated communication from machine to machine is the next big growth area of telecommunications. By 2020, there are said to be more than 50 billion networked devices on earth, according to the prediction of Ericsson.

The Swedish telecommunications equipment provider assumes, that by the next six years the mobile internet will be usable comprehensively, so that all kinds of devices and things can be networked.

This also includes the networked M2M machines of Industry 4.0, which configure and optimize themselves and reorder components for their product flow automatically via the internet. This arises new questions for companies, that want to automate their established processes, as well as to manage logistics and production independently of the location. There were many answers at the Wayra-Akademie, where Telefónica and their partners presented intelligent solutions for the industry tomorrow. The visitors were also able to test Telefónica’s newest M2M solution: O2 car connection for car remote diagnosis via smartphone app.

M2M with Moses 2.0: Ten Commandments for more IT Safety

“The Digital Innovation Day 2014 has contributed to rendering  Industry 4.0, above all the reasons, challenges and the potential, a little more tangible”, says Wolfgang Wanner, Marketing Manager at Insys Microelectronics. His company is a participant of Telefónica’s global M2M partner program.

With their professional routers,  modems  and gateways for remote maintenance, IT networking, alerting and monitoring, Insys Microelectronics refers to 20 years ofM2M experience. That is why safe data communications as integral part of Industry 4.0 was the topic of their presentation.

This serious topic, however, can also be presented in a funny manner, as the presentation showed: A bearded Moses 2.0 presented the Ten Commandments for more IT safety and said “Thou shalt be unique!” What he meant was, that companies should never use standard passwords. “Thou shalt not let in strangers!” means, that firewalls and filters have always to be up-to-date, and “Thou shalt ask for the password!” reminds, that also at M2M, each data connection should only be opened after correct authentication.

Shirt2Go: Seidensticker sells with M2M automats

“The Digital Innovation Day was a true highlight, because new technology, new business models, as well as networked activity were presented in a great atmosphere and in a very special manner”, says Volker Schiek, CEO of Landesnetzwerk Mechatronik BW, about the event. “The learning and inspirations effect was very good”, is his conclusion, although his own presentation was among the most educational ones: Under the title “Industry 4.0 – The Path to the Goal”, he gave right at the beginning a scientific introduction to the most important definitions, techniques and business models of M2M. The following presentation by Wolfgang Beeck, CTO DACH of Software AG also addressed these topics and added real-life examples. One highlight was the presentation of Google Glasses.

The Digital Innovation Day, however, was not a parade of powerpoint presentations – at the Wayra-Akademie you could also experience M2M technology in real life. The popular Seidensticker automat was not only filled with shirts, but also with books and souvenirs from Munich. As soon as a sale was effected, it could be traced in real time at the monitors at the portal of the smart M2M platform.

This intuitive web based overall solution by Telefónica connects machines from various manufacturers with most diverse data sources.

Thereby, for example sensor data such as temperature, inclination angle or fill level can be evaluated and transmitted to further M2M products. Due to the comprehensive application interfaces, devices can also be easily combined with so far incompatible data streams.

Your data are uniformly edited, individually visualized and logically integrated into business processes, as the example of the shirt sale showed. “At the Digital Innovation Day 2014, forward-looking developments were introduced and experts illustrated, what enormous innovation potential Industry 4.0 is keeping for all sectors”, says also Frank Seidensticker, CEO of the established textile manufacturer. “It was an extremely successful event.”

Connected Cars: M2M Test Drive with Tesla Model S

The entertainment program surely contributed to that, too: Before we went to Oktoberfest in the evening, test drives with the world’s most popular e-car were on the schedule. Telefónica’s client Tesla provided several vehicles.

“That was a great success”, says Markus Grzbielok, Country Manager at Trackunit GmbH, whose technology enables the new Telefónica fleet monitor. “Particularly, as it was striking how well the connectivity works with your SIM card.” In Europe, the globally leading manufacturer of e-cars purchases their mobile internet access for their Tesla Model S from Telefónica and their partners from the M2M World Alliance.

In Germany and Great Britain, for example, mobile data are transmitted by the web of O2 and in Spain via Movistar. Telefónica’s global M2M solution, based on the platform of Jasper Wireless, provides the bandwidth for Tesla’s leading in-car-infotainment and telematics. Thus, e.g. online navigation, listening to music via internet or browsing the www whilst driving becomes possible. Furthermore, Tesla Model S has a remote diagnosis system, which transmits important information on the shape of the vehicle and the safety to the driver or to Tesla service in real-time. M2M makes it possible. Attendees of the Digital Innovation Day 2014 were able to test that driving through the city of Munich.

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