Digital Innovation Day 2017_

27th of September 2017
Eisbach Studios, Munich

The Digital Innovation Day Award 2017

This year too, we will present our Digital Innovation Day Award to start-ups, that show with new and innovative ideas, what new possibilities and business models the Internet of Things holds. With the collaboration of Wayra this way, Telefónica offers young businesses the chance to present their ideas to a broad audience and realize them.

6 start-ups have qualified for the Digital Innovation Day Award 2017 beforehand. In the course of the event they will pitch for the award and present their ideas and products in the best possible way. The winner of the Digital Innovation Day Award 2017 will be determined only by the audience per live voting!

Hereinafter you can see the finalists, that qualified for the Digital Innovation Day Award 2017 and that will pitch for the award during the event:

Social And Beyond

Social And Beyond develop and market a unique Social Media Marketing Tool Software and Tracking Tools that integrate into any Wifi Systems.

Venues can easily reach customer mobiles to engage with Promotions, premium content, discounts, connect with your customers at Point Of Sale taking advantage of our user friendly and automated system for smartphones. (No app required, no codes… all needed is a phone with a browser and the Digital Connection is established.)

Our customers now understand how their visitors behave in the store, which areas are they visiting and for how long, how the shop layout changes their routines, etc…(And get that information not just anonymously with those whom have already engaged on a Digital Connection from our system accepting your Terms and Conditions.)

Get visitors to Share with their Social Media Friends your promotions and novelties right from your Point Of Sale. Prescription multiplies by 4 the chances to get a sale (and our system makes it easy for your customers. We have a variety of Gamifications campaigns to viralize).

Take action in your shops knowing what is happening in Real Time!


thethings.iO is the most simple enterprise IoT platform. thethings.iO lets any kind of companies to deploy scalable and flexible IoT solutions for their customers and connected products.

thethings.iO IoT platform allows your company to collect, analyze and visualize data from your connected assets. thethings.iO provides the flexibility to let you create dashboards and control panels for your final customers with the customized brand styles and URLs of your company. With these dashboards, your customers can monitor, analyze or interact with your products. We are the end-to-end simplest IoT platform in the market.

thethings.iO supports the protocols that are most used on the industrial IoT and is hardware and connectivity agnostic. thethings.iO works with Telefonica, Sigfox and NB-IoT demonstrating that it is the most simple IoT end-to-end solution.

Today thethings.iO is trusted by the best companies. thethings.iO is working with hundreds of companies and more than +5.000 developers connecting their products from several IoT verticals, monitoring the products and applying predictive maintenance, artificial intelligence and Big Data on the top of the data.


5Analytics is a leading AI software company that enables companies to automate important commercial decisions with the help of artificial intelligence and successfully implement digital business models. But we are more than a technology provider. Our consulting team accompanies the complete implementation process and supports our customers to get the most out of their data.

5Analytics, headquartered in Stuttgart and Düsseldorf, works with numerous renowned customers (e.g.Telefónica, Walter AG and Merck) and was recently awarded the bronze Stevie Award 2017 and the Innovationspreis-IT.


The use of public Instant Messaging apps such as Whatsapp in the workplace is causing companies to lose control over one of their most valuable assets, their information and communication channels.

IMBox is a secure and controlled Instant Messaging solution specifically designed to solve business needs. With IMBox, companies can easily create their own private and controlled Instant Messaging networks as well as easily develop, maintain and distribute within IMBox, mobility apps to their employees with our IMCs (Instant Messaging Controllers).

Companies can decide wether they want to use a cloud based IMBox service or, if required, have all the IMBox technology deployed in their own data center.


CounterCraft is a pioneering provider of cyber deception and counterintelligence products to detect targeted attacks.

Advanced adversaries and targeted attacks threaten large organisations on a daily basis. CounterCraft provides a Distributed Deception Platform that creates automated digital breadcrumbs to bait adversaries into thinking they are penetrating companies’ networks. This innovative cybersecurity approach allows CounterCraft to get information on attackers’ and objectives while misdirecting them.
Counterintelligence campaigns are time-consuming to design and complex to deploy and maintain.

Monitoring them can be an arduous, if not impossible task. It is difficult to evaluate the success of a campaign and deliver useful intelligence as an output.
CounterCraft’s solution deploys deception-based campaigns and offers deep monitoring and complex response actions. The Distributed Deception Platform is currently used by governments, law enforcement agencies, and Fortune 500 companies – proving our craft and expertise in IT security. It runs automated counterintelligence to discover targeted attacks with a real-time active response and zero false positives.


Gideon is a software platform that turns a smart home into an intelligent home. It allows consumers and businesses to seamlessly control multiple devices, irrespective of manufacturer.

Gideon is a mobile app that via the cloud and the users’ local wifi network can interact with and control multiple devices from multiple manufacturers.
Gideon already boasts relationships with over 30 manufacturers and an ability to support over 260 different devices.
Gideon also invests in technologies that make the smart home even simpler to manage.

We use artificial intelligence techniques to suggest improvements in home management and resource consumption, have integrated usability features such as voice activation and ChatBot, provide integrated device management and allow the user to build and tailor home management scenarios.

Gideon offers B2B solutions to help businesses taking advantage of the power of the IoT.

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