Digital Innovation Day 2017_

27th of September 2017
Eisbach Studios, Munich

Our Program for the Digital Innovation Day 2017

Besides our well-known speakers and guests, as well as our sponsors and reference projects, the Digital Innovation Day 2017 offers a platform for networking and exchange of up-to-date information, technologies and trends. We present you with the next step towards digitisation at an innovative and modernly designed event.


09.30–09.40welcome by Dirk Grote, Director B2B Telefónica Deutschland Holding AG

09.40–10.00keynote “Shaping digitization successfully: What now is important in Germany” Markus Haas, CEO Telefónica
Deutschland Holding AG

10.00–10.20Keynote “IOT and 5G next generation networks: take things further” Andres Escribano Riesco, Global IoT
New Connectivity Director Telefónica Digital

10.20–10.50coffee break

10.50–11.10Keynote “How 4.5G-IoT enables Vertical Industries…” Jörg Diederichs, CTO/VP New Business Solutions, Huawei Technologies Europe

11.10–11.30keynote “Data-based opportunities for stationary trading” Jens Lappoehn, Managing Director Telefónica NEXT

11.30–12.00Keynote “Future Digital Business Models against the Background of a constantly changing User Behaviour”
Prof. Dr. Gerald Lembke

12.00–13.15lunch break


Telefónica Germany:
How does Telefónica work with the large data sets?
Marcus Thurand, Vice President Network Operations Telefónica Germany

Huawei Technologies:
Challenges for BigData
Jörg Karpinski, Sales Director Enterprise Huawei Technologies Europe


Telefónica Germany Next GmbH:
Free up your customers
Moritz Diekmann, Managing Director Telefónica Germany Next GmbH

Mercateo AG:
Showdown at B2B: Which Platform Model will win?
Dr. Bernd Schönwälder, Director of Market and Sales, Mercateo AG


Telefónica Germany:
Internet of Weaponized Things – Reliving History on a Grander Scale
Oran Hollander, Head of Cyber Security, Telefónica Germany

Wie Digitale Transformation unsere Kommunikation verändert
Markus Krammer, Vice President Products & New Business, NFON AG


IoT: The Technological Advancement to a Better Quality of Care
Michał Pruski, Sales Director, Comarch Healthcare

Getting to Work on Digital Innovation – Are You Ready?
Dirk Schlimm, Executive Vice President, Geotab

14.15–15.00coffee break

15.00–15.30DID award ceremony with live-voting

15.30–16.00keynote IT security Tobias Schrödel, IT expert and world’s first comedyhacker®

16.10end of the event


Telefónica Digital

IOT and 5G next generation networks: take things further
The IoT is changing our world, during the presentation we will discuss how deep is this change at business level, like part of the digital transformation (Industry 4.0) of our companies and ourselves. We will show about the challenges to adopt this IoT World and use several examples of companies that use IOT in different way to evolve his services/business, etc.

Speaker: Andres Escribano Riesco


Huawei Technologies

How 4.5G-IoT enables Vertical Industries…
Progressive digitization covers one industry sector after another and changes business models and processes within existing ecosystems. Mobile phone technologies offer a basis for this rapid progress, as they stand for safe, robust and yet simple and quick communication. With the use of 4.5G on the basis of today installed infrastructures, vertical industries are able to enter new worlds of using the Internet of Things. Firstly, they are battery-powered sensors with an operating time that lasts up to 10 years and secondly, new features, that can make the use of older technologies (e.g. GPS for tracking) obsolete. We show what’s possible…

Speaker: Jörg Diederichs


Telefónica Germany Next GmbH

Data-based Opportunities for Stationary Trading
Online trade is booming while stationary traders feel the pressure of the digital transformation: Which data can retailers use to understand their target group on site better? Already today data allow traders to make better decisions for their businesses. A precise understanding of the customer journey and targeted address of the customers lay the foundation for it.

Speaker: Jens Lappoehn


Future Digital Business Models against the Background of a constantly changing User Behaviour
User side: Mobile data use and telephone behavior change, the younger the users are. Recently Spiegel reported (link to the article). The presentation shows the rapidly changed user behavior of the younger target group (12-19). But also the older target group (20-49) starts copying this behavior. Customers wish more and more a healthy and sustainable handling of digital media and relevant terminal devices. Results of current studies of mobile data use will be looked at and examined with regard to a healthy media use.

Supply side: Telecommunications- and media providers face the challenge to adapt their business models to this development. The call for disruptive business models echoes from Silicon Valley across the Atlantic Ocean. But what is it all about? And are the patterns of the IT market leaders compatible with the German market? One study, initiated and accompanied by the speaker, shows, that many companies don’t know this disruption and do not think it is realistic. The results will be shown and critically examined.

Conclusion: In the third part, ideas for possible business models against these backgrounds will be developed and discussed. Which services will customers still consume in the future and which not? Which products and services should today be pushed in their development? What can the IT industry contribute, to enable customers a healthy and responsible handling of digital media and terminal devices in the future?

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Gerald Lembke


Tobias Schrödel will give you an understanding of the world of hackers and will take a humorous look into the poison cabinet of IT with you. He explains vulnerabilities of computers and smartphones, that affect us all, in an entertaining way. There will not only be a lot of “aha”-experiences, but also as many “ahahaha”-experiences.

This infotainment presentation is suitable for any spectator and does not require technical know how. Thus, in this presentation everyone can discover fascinating everyday examples. Passwords are cracked in seconds, humbling information is being dragged into public and quickly a smartphone is being hacked.

All examples are real and live, but of course they are anonymized. Every observer will recognize himself – but no one will be embarrassed. For risks and side effects ask your data protectionist or Tobias Schrödel.

Speaker: Tobias Schrödel


Telefónica Germany Next GmbH

Free up your customers
How open platforms can push your consumer IoT propositions and accelerate data monetization.
Consumer brands and services have to decide the right way to enter smart propositions and data monetization. While many (European) big brands tend to setup vertical relationships and build proprietary platforms & infrastructures, OTT player (from the US) are setting up to take over our customer relationships. Moritz will provide examples from different verticals how open ecosystems could help you to build even smarter propositions, helping you to strengthen your core business, offering a broad variety of (on top) services to your customers and parallel enable you to enter data monetization possibilities.

Speaker: Moritz Diekmann

Mercateo AG

Showdown at B2B: Which Platform Model will win?
Business needs personal relationships, not separating intermediaries. However: Buyers need a Single Creditor Model. The ERP system has been invented in Germany – now also the B2B platform?

Speaker: Dr. Bernd Schönwälder


Telefónica Germany

Internet of Weaponized Things – Reliving History on a Grander Scale
Innovation, we love it. It allows us to create new businesses, value for our customers and make life just a little bit better. The pursuit of innovation does not cease, and has brought with it the race for computerization of our physical environment. We wear computers, we use them to control our homes, produce goods, manage cars, maintain our health, control buildings and cities, and now we’re also connecting them together. In this innovation race, similarly to the technological booms of the past, security and safety are mostly an afterthought. In this talk we will review the security similarities between the rise of the Internet vs. the Internet of Things, and the meaning it has for consumers and businesses.

Speaker: Oran Hollander


How Digital Transformation changes our Communication.
Digital transformation changes the way we live, work and communicate. Our future work place will be significantly different from our workplace today. In this presentation we take a look at the working world tomorrow and show how digital transformation develops our communication.

Speaker: Markus Krammer



Getting to Work on Digital Innovation – Are You Ready?
Dirk’s talk – getting to work on digital innovation – provides concrete ideas on starting to work on the digital tomorrow while still running a very successful business today. Among others he will give some insight and best practices around the question “Are you ready?”

Speaker: Dirk Schlimm

This year too, we will again award a prize to the most innovative ideas from the areas of IoT and M2M. From our international Telefónica Open Future program, we will determine six finalists, who are able to contribute with their ideas and products to an intelligent networking of technical systems, and that from our priority topics security, mobility, technology and workplace.

The winner of the Digital Innovation Day award 2017 will be determined by the audience via live voting!
More about the DID Award.

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